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Search Engine Optimization Course for Small Business Owners

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Training Overview

In today’s world, digital marketing is a skill and knowledge that everyone, let alone every business owners should have. The fact is anyone with the power and ability to publish content in the form of images, videos and text on the internet is in fact a digital marketer. However, the question is how to use digital marketing to your advantage?

Our Search Engine Optimization Course developed specially for small business owners focuses on:

  1. optimizing website for keywords in order to rank on search engines
  2. beat competition in keyword research
  3. earn quality backlinks with simple techniques
  4. important ranking factors to stay on top of search engines
  5. SEO analysis to track and measure SEO success

Training Objectives

Our goal is to help participant(s) to:

  • increase website visibility and quality traffic on organic search results
  • reevaluate and align website content to keywords searched by target audiences
  • be aware of and avoid common pitfalls when key decision makers have little knowledge of SEO
  • develop a cost effective and sustainable marketing channel with SEO

Training Style

This course is conducted in a classroom style setting. Participants should be one of the key decision makers in the business and or marketing department. 

Basic computer skills is a prerequisite for this training program.

To be able to apply the practical lessons learnt in this course, it is recommended that participants have administrative control of their business website, which preferably should be developed on a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Website Building Platform such as Wix, Shopify etc.

If you do not own a website and would like to learn how develop, design and maintain a business website, consider attending our Web Design Course for Entrepreneurs.


Training Investment

S$ 960 per participant

Training Duration

The training will be conducted across 2 days, from 10 am to 6 pm each day.

Training Schedule

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