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Training Overview

Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populated country with a population of close to 270 million people. In the past decade, Indonesia has seen its GDP rising on average 5% annually. By 2030, Indonesia will be the 5th biggest economy in the world. 

With this, there will be increasing business & professional opportunities emerging from Indonesia in the near future. Hence the skill to speak in Bahasa Indonesia and communicate with Indonesians is crucial.

We have a proven methodology and system for adults to learn Bahasa Indonesia for business & personal purposes.

Training Objectives

Our goal is to help participant(s):

  • Listen & understand basic Bahasa Indonesia in conversations
  • Speak basic Indonesian in day-to-day interactions
  • Understand basic sentence structure and grammar of the language
  • Have the confidence to apply the language skills in real life
  • Have fun during the learning journey

Training Participants

This training is suitable for adults who would like to communicate and connect with Indonesians for professional or personal purposes.

Classroom Training Style

Our class is made up of a maximum of 8 students.

Each lesson includes listening activities, speaking practices, fun games, simple writing exercises and other interactions.

Training Investment

Our Regular (once a week) Group Classes are at S$595 per person while our Accelerated (twice a week) Group Classes are at S$495 per person. You can find out more about Private Bahasa Indonesia Training in Singapore or Corporate Bahasa Indonesia Training.

Training Duration

Each level of our Bahasa Indonesia course consists of 12 lessons at 2 hours per lesson. For more information on the various levels of classroom courses, check out our Learn Indonesian Hub Bahasa Indonesia Courses

Class Schedule

Upcoming Preview Dates

Course Dates

Online Training

If you are not located in Singapore, fret not! Our expert Bahasa Indonesia trainers have developed an e-learning Bahasa Indonesia platform, BingoIndo™. You can access our proprietary and high-quality content wherever you are.

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia Training

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Training

“As one of the world’s fastest growing economies… by 2030, Indonesia will be the 5th biggest economy in the world.”

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