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8-Lesson Public Speaking Training for Business

. - Lily Walters

― Brian Tracy

Training Overview

Warren Buffet, an American billionaire and one of the richest persons on the planet, said that there’s one skill that can improve a person’s value by 50%. That one skill is none other than: Communication Skills – Public Speaking Skill in particular.

We all know that the ability to speak in public can make or break a potential deal as well as persuade or dissuade people to take actions. The good news is that the ability speak confidently & convincingly in front of an audience is a skill that can be learned.

We have the proven methods, structures and guidelines to help you improve and elevate your public speaking skills. You will no longer fear speaking in public, be it in your company or in front of your clients and partners.

Training Objectives

Our goal is to help participant(s):

  • Minimize anxiety & maximize stage confidence in public speaking
  • Create memorable message & content
  • Use storytelling narratives
  • Prepare & internalize speech script
  • Speak with powerful non-verbal tools (gestures, posture, movement, eye contact, expressions, etc.)
  • Employ effective use of voice (tone, pace, volume, etc.)
  • Incorporate influential and empowering language devices
  • Respond to questions & objections systematically and professionally
  • Practise delivering speeches

Training Style

Each public speaking class will have no more than 8 students.

We believe in hands-on training style where participant(s) are encouraged to practise and speak in front of the class. Every class consists of a trainer’s sharing, class activity, participants’ delivery and performance feedback.

Training Investment

S$ 960 per participant

Training Duration

The whole course will be conducted across 8 lessons at 2 hours per lesson.

Training Schedule

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