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Starting & Building an Online Business with your Passions & Strengths

. - Steve Jobs

― Brian Tracy

Training Overview

Information technology has provided us with endless business opportunities like never before. Any business can be marketed and sold to almost anybody, anywhere as long as it serves a need or solves a problem. Starting & building an online business is possible for anyone.

From a consulting program on how to stop binge eating, an online course on bonsai planting, a website selling professional services, to ecommerce businesses selling all kinds of products, they can all be done!

For those who have made multiple things work online, it’s not a question of “What works?” or “Can this work?”, but rather “How do I make this work for me?”.

We truly believe if a service or product solves a problem for a certain group of people, it CAN be made to work online.

Life is too short to waste it on doing something that you don’t enjoy or are not naturally good at. It is possible to make a living out of your passions and strengths.

Let us help you start & build an online business and become an online entrepreneur!

Training Objectives

Our goal is to help participant(s):

  • Acknowledge strengths, weaknesses, passions, dislikes
  • Determine long-term & short-term personal & professional goals
  • Find the right business model based on passions & strengths
  • Decide on your business
  • Develop product & service offering
  • Plan digital marketing strategies (Facebook, Google, Instagram)
  • Create personalized sales program
  • Build business with minimal investment
  • Execute, monitor & evaluate business
  • Use our proven strategies, tools & systems for the business
  • Reprogram your mindset, habits & behaviours for success

Training Style

Each workshop will have no more than 8 students.

Participants will be guided through each activity and exercise. There will be discussions and sharing by everyone that will conclude with the participants’ decisions and actions.

Training Investment

S$ 1,250 per participant

Training Duration

The training will be conducted across 2 days, from 10 am to 6 pm each day.

Training Schedule

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Starting & Building an Online Business with your Passions & Strengths

Starting & Building an Online Business with your Passions & Strengths

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